aol 9.7 downloads for existing members – AOL Gold is popular for his features with new user interface characteristics that are now accessible and also has advanced safety features. It can assist you to access your messages, search for content. It also helps in browsing among all interfaces. AOL Desktop is best.

aol 9.7 downloads for existing members

Feature of AOL Desktop Gold

Simplified Install Process

Installing and downloading process is very simple. It has the feature of automatic updates that makes it easy for the users by updating the latest versions.

Customized Email and Font Options

Here you got the feature of Anti-phishing and premium security events of coming of spam mails. You got the option of enabling and disabling screenshot for protecting personal information.

Bookmark your favorite One

Contacts and favorites will be stored in the server of AOL which will accessible 24*7. Importing and Exporting of personal emails and data can be easily done from one to another.

Troubleshoot Issue With AOL Desktop

Here are some issue in using this tremendous software, we are listed below:

  • Why is AOL Desktop Gold not going to link so customers can get online?
  • How to install AOL gold?
  • Create and add your default email signature in AOL Gold?
  • Clear Browser’s cache on AOL Gold?
  • Facing problem while exporting and importing data and mail in AOL Gold.
  • Fix blank video issue in AOL Gold?
  • Reinstall AOL Gold.
  • Add, edit or delete a contact in AOL email.
  • AOL Desktop Gold not working/responding.
  • Unable to find the AOL Gold icon.
  • How to fix unable to print issue in AOL Gold?
  • How to enable and disable the password manager?
  • Add or Create AOL Gold Icon/Shortcut/
  • Automatic update not working.
  • AOL Gold Flash Player Problems Troubleshooting.


aol desktop installer windows 10



aol desktop installer windows 10




15 GB

aol desktop installer windows 10

Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

aol desktop installer windows 10


1 GB RAM, 512 MB free hard disk space

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution recommended

aol desktop gold login problems


Require to download

Systems Requirement for aol desktop gold download

Device Speed

Computer Processor of 266 MHz or above


Reliable Internet connection, RAM 1024 MB

Device Memory

Hard disk with at least 512MB free space

Screen Resolution

1024×768 or higher

Aol Gold Download Agent

Web browser (IE) latest version

Personal Details

Your AOL desktop gold credentials

How to install AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Gold is the updated version of AOL Desktop Gold. It has enhanced features and work potential. Here you can use email, stream audios, web browsing, videos and much more. Before installing an AOL Desktop Gold, you have to first download the AOL Desktop Gold. These are some instructions you have to follow to download it.

Download and Install AOL Gold for Windows and Mac: aol 9.7 downloads for existing members

For Windows:

For Windows: For AOL Advantage Plan Member

  • It is included with no additional expense in your membership.
  • Search for AOL Desktop Gold for a trial version of AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Log in your MyBenefits account under ‘ All Products ‘ section
  • Click the Download Now button

For AOL Advantage trial version

  • Locate the downloaded File Explorer.
  • Run the .exe file as Administrator.
  • After that right-click 
  • Follow the instructions to finish AOL Gold setup
  • Steps to Install AOL

Desktop Gold for Windows:

  • Log in to My Account
  • Then click My Services > Subscription
  • Click on the Start button (under AOL Desktop Gold)


For MAC:
For active members of AOL Advantage Plan

  • First of all log in to MyBenefits
  • Now Go to ‘ All Products ‘ > AOL Desktop Gold
  • After that click on the Download Now option.

AOL Desktop Gold: If you have a subscription

  • First of all login to My Account page.
  • Now Go to My Services > Subscription > AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Now click AOL Gold to download.

Follow steps to Install AOL Desktop Gold for Mac:

  • Go to your desktop download folder.
  • And look for the AOL Desktop Gold.DMG file.
  • Double-click it to install AOL Gold.

How to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold: Step-to-Step guide

If you witness problems using AOL Desktop Gold? Or is your desktop software not reacting correctly at times? If the response to all these issues is yes then with your desktop software there is something very severe going on. Reinstall AOL Gold to make your software run peacefully and smoothly. If you’re like all those people who don’t understand the measures to reinstall the software, this blog is just for you. As you get a response to your issue here, how to uninstall the AOL Gold first and then install it.

To start the re-installation process first, users must remove all of this software’s earlier installed version. The steps to deinstall the software must be followed below:

How to Uninstall AOL Gold?
  • Close any program running, then go to Control Panel.
  • Now a pop-up will appear that says, “Do you want to keep your personal data associated with this desktop software?
  • If you say yes, the uninstall wizard will start running.
  • After the process is completed, you have to restart your computer.
How to Reinstall AOL Gold?

Once the prior version of desktop software has been totally removed from your system, you must install the fresh version. And you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Visit Desktop Gold’s official website.
  • And then you have to click on the download link to AOL Gold to download this software’s recent version.
  • Now save in your system the downloaded setup file.
  • To run it as an administrator, click on the.exe file.
  • You need to ‘ Agree ‘ privacy and safety pop-up.
  • The installer will operate and you need to press.
  • Finish to end the process once the wizard is finished.
  • You now need to enter your username and password to log in to your AOL Gold account.
  • On the screen, an import prompt will appear.

You can acknowledge it if you want to import your prior stored data.


Why you choose AOL Desktop Gold

Users friendly with automatic updates: The users not to take much pains, the moment they shift to the new of AOL Gold software as their usernames, passwords, toolbar icons, contacts and mail will be automatically transferred from AOL Desktop to the new versions. The users will require less for the updates in their systems as it replaces the old updates with new one.   

Enhanced Security with Advance Technology: The new version is specially designed for the user to save time by improving speed and performance. It provide security and the safety from the various dangerous threats to its two step verification process it helps the users to save their account. 

One of the best methods I will describe to you to aol 9.7 downloads for existing members. Please Install AOL Desktop Gold in your system by configuring your system requirement

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